2018 at PUG

On the 22nd November , we, the English advanced course (Q1), celebrated a traditional Thanksgiving celebration because our topic was the American dream and we thought: why should we not try it out? So we decided to celebrate a multicultural Thanksgiving and everyone in class brought something which represents his/her culture. Our teacher brought a typical American dish which is sweet mashed potatoes with marshmallows.

The dishes were really delicious and everyone tried them out. As there are two advanced courses we decided to invite the other one to be a part of our celebration and we even invited our secretary Mrs. Wegener to celebrate with us.

We had a pretty nice atmosphere in the classroom and everyone was talking, laughing and eating. It was a really good idea of our teacher Mrs. Dietrich to celebrate Thanksgiving all together. A special day with special people.

By Serhat Ulas, Q1

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